Health Benefits of Quinoa

Healthy eating and weight loss with quinoa. Learn how to cook with quinoa.

November 20, 2010

Hot Tips on the Health Benefits of Quinoa and How to Cook it.



Quinoa is ideal for people wanting to eat healthily, lose weight or be gluten free.

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"The Complete Guide to Cooking Quinoa".



April 9, 2013

Quinoa Revolution.

                                                                                  Increasing Popularity of Superfood Quinoa. ]


Who would have thought that you would be part of a revolution?

An Eating and Health Revolution.

There I was at my local cafe enjoying my coffee and chocolate almond cake ..

…gluten-free at least…and reading the April 2013 NZ edition of the MiNDFOOD Magazine.


In the list of books recommended for your own shelves..

"Quinoa Revolution" by Patricia Green and Carolyn Hemming.

have a look here…



MiNDFOOD magazine states that Quinoa

is just about revolutionising the lives of people everywhere

by addressing health and lifestyle concerns

such as weight loss, food allergies, gluten intolerance,

heart conditions and more.


August 12, 2011

Quinoa – Hot Topic – Especially With Vegetarians


 Just this week in The West Australian newspaper , in the weekly FRESH section, Jennifer Sustanto-Lee reports on the increasing popularity of quinoa.

Apparently Woolworths and Coles have experienced a 60% increase in demand for quinoa after recent popularity boosts from Masterchef.

Also reported is that the number of top chefs using quinoa has increased, along with "a flurry of cooking classes, articles and cookbooks dedicated to its wonders."

Rachel Browne’s recent article on quinoa in The Flinder’s News confirms this.

 Entitled "Craze for quinoa outflanks the supermarkets", she reports that Olive Green Organics’ importer Antonio Ramas says his shipment of quinoa has grown in the past five years from 20 tonnes to nearly 400 tonnes.

Growers too are having trouble keeping up with increasing demand coupled with poor growing conditions due to bad weather. New sources of the grain are being established including Tasmania.

Most of the "Flurry" of interest is based on the fact that quinoa is now termed a "superfood" because of its amazing nutritional benefits.  

Check out other posts on this page for further details.



August 2, 2011

Shift Your Focus To Quinoa

 A friend was asking me the other day about a concern that she was having.  There didn’t seem to be a solution along the lines that she was thinking.

Out of somewhere..I said to her "perhaps you could shift your focus to something else?"

Her initial reaction was to get a bit grumpy with me.  But as the days have passed and I have been thinking of this…there is a lot of truth in the old saying that ‘You get what you focus on’.

And what does this have to do with the health benefits of quinoa??

Well, quinoa to me is something fairly new to my consciousness.  It has taken me time and new focus to take the steps to find it, buy it, learn how to cook with it, and to find out about its health benefits.  That is I have shifted my focus from whatever it used to be on to Quinoa and the Joys Thereof.

It feels good to be adding the quinoa flour in to standard recipes, and quinoa flakes to soups and stews.

I have even substituted quinoa flour in to a chocolate cake recipe and even have the photos to share.

 In the photos below we have in descending order

  • Healthy Ingredients ready for cake mix
  • Quinoa cake mix ready for the oven
  • Hot out of the oven…Chocolate Quinoa Cake
  • Chocolate Quinoa Cake ready for testing





Friends arrived later to help with the testing…

Second helpings were had by all…

This cake did not go stale…

This cake did not last long….




July 1, 2011

Health Benefits of Quinoa Video

Yesterday as I was preparing a beef casserole for dinner I was happy to use the last of my quinoa flour to seal in the juices  as I gave the meat a quick fry in the pan.  I am sure the depth of flavour of the whole dish was enhanced by using quinoa flour…it was certainly extra yummy!  And it was great to know about the nutritional power pack that it adds to any meal.

March 7, 2011

Recent News of the Health Benefits of Quinoa

A recent report by Gord Scott in the Vancouver Sun tells us about the increasing popularity of quinoa.

  The Fairmont Hotels in Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria and Seattle have recently brought their chefs together to showcase their latest creations for Lifestyle Cuisine Plus. At the start of the year, each of the chain’s 64 hotels and resorts wordwide offered new health-conscious creations.

One of the new ingredients mentioned was quinoa.

Customer demand for healthier options is the main driver of this change.  

In the Globe and Mail in Toronto recently, Leslie Beck asks us to think of fibre as “Dietary Life Insurance”….she encourages us to add  more wholegrains to our diets.

These include;

  • Brown Rice  ½ cup cooked = 1.5g fibre
  • Oatmeal         ½ cup cooked = 2g fibre
  • Quinoa            ½ cup cooked = 2g fibre

  Adding these grains to soups and stews, burgers and meatballs, and a vinaigrette dressing on a high-fibre salad is suggested.   A great source of quinoa in its different forms can be found at the Superior Nut Store in New England….buy in bulk and save more!  

December 12, 2010

Latest News of Quinoa

Wondering About the Health benefits of Quinoa??

This week, Dec 6th 2010, Quinoa health benefits get the "heads-up" by Dr Mehmet Oz and Dr Michael Rozen…reported in The Province.  They are discussing the heart health benefits of pomegranates and suggest adding the seeds to salads, mixed with a little yogurt, and added to quinoa or oatmeal.

Also in the Tahlequa Daily Express Renee File writes about Dr Breanna Batey, a local chiropractor, who is recommending eating a diet of organic fruits, veges and meats.

 Quinoa gets a mention: — as the grain with the highest protein content.  High in Calcium, a good source of iron, B vitamins and vitamin E.

Batey recommends fortifying your body with nutrients and exercise to keep it strong.  She recommends getting adjusted regularly too.  (I’d go along with that!)

In the Santa Monica Mirror, Dec 9, Dr Mao’s Wellness Central has a commentary about allergies.  It is suggested the quinoa is one of the healthy foods supporting an allergy-free state.

The Huffington Post, Dec 10 has an article by Jay Williams…entitled  "Are You a Sinker or a Floater?  How to Know if You’re Getting Enough Fibre".  A goal of 35 or more grams of fibre per day is recommended. In the three recent studies reported…the message is   INCREASE YOUR FIBRE INTAKE. This will help with

  • Digestion
  • Bowel health
  • Blood-sugar control
  • Endometrial cancer

Top of the list of food sources to increase your fibre content with are the whole grains…barley, oats, buckwheat, rice, rye, quinoa, spelt and corn. (Processed versions don’t count we are told) PS…re sink or float??   — Float is best!

Lauren Kaplan in the Concord Patch, Dec 9, issues a challenge to add more wholegrains to our diet.  She categorises the quinoa seed as a grain and suggest we add it in.

So… get the latest new on Quinoa Wondering what to do with it?  Try the book   "THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO COOKING QUINOA"….. Enjoy.